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Price Paid

Volume, Gain, Boost controls

3 Band EQ for Bass/Mid/Treble

Toggle switch for Crunch and Overdrive modes

Boost and Bypass footswitches

Boss style AC adapter

2 LED's for boost and bypass

Solid die-cast aluminum housing

Ease of Use
5 (easy)


I'm not really a distortion fan, I prefer overdrive, my experience with distortion pedals has been limited to lower quality Boss pedals, such as the Metal Zone and OD/Distortion... But the first time I heard this pedal demoed, it was a must have. The distortion is very smooth, and full, very warm sounding, it is not an overly gainy or scooped sounding distortion, and it sounds good from 1 through 10, though I keep my gain at between 1 and 3 o'clock, on the pedal, the gain on the amp is set at 12 o'clock. I have never played through an SLO, so I can't really base the sound of the pedal on the amp, or make a real comparison, but the pedal rocks on its own merit.

The boost feature. I use Randall Module amp, and bought this pedal with the sole intent of using it with the Fender Deluxe module preamp, however I use a GTO Judge module for the gain channel, and for some reason I chose to use the boost feature on the Judge module first, and the thing kills as a boost pedal. The Randall amp comes with a boost feature, but there is a noticable switch from boost to non boost, especially when switching between preamps, but also the amps boost can get too fizzy or sizzly for my liking. The SLOstortion's boost, like the distortion mode itself, is very warm and smooth, it does not change the overall sound of the non boosted overdrive channel, just gives it a little more balls, depending on how high you have the boost knob, but it sounds usable all the way to 10.

The crunch/OD toggle allows for a nice contrast in sound. In crunch, designed mainly for chording, you can get a cool AC/DC vibe going with the gain set 1/2 way to 3/4's... Flip the switch to OD, and the pedal catches fire for smoking leads, but works well for higher gain chording.


The operation of the crunch/OD toggle. This feature is great, but it's made impractical to use during a song by making it a mini-toggle switch that is impossible to use with your foot, unless you wanna break the switch. The pedal is not small, and there is more than enough room for a 3rd footswitch to switch between modes, and do so during a song.

It doesn't seem to play nice with my phase pedal.

Sound Quality
5 (excellent)

I haven't had it long enough, but it seems durable, and Wampler has a great reputation.

Customer Support

Haven't had to deal with them yet.