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Single channel all tube head, which features a master volume, bass/treble/mid tone controls, bright and tight switches, and 2 unique features are the tube mix control and variable wattage control.


Sound, price, variable wattage control.


Made in China, tube mix, while a great feature for switching from EL84's to 6V6's in a flash, the actual mix of the 2 isn't all that great in my opinion. Might have to go to GC to get it.

Sound Quality
5 (excellent)

I've had this amp for only about a month or so, so I can't really comment on reliabilty. The amp is manufactured in China, but based on other customer reviews Bruce Egnater seems to keep a good eye on the quality control.

Customer Support

Haven't had to deal with Egnater.


This is my first entry into the wonderful world of real tube amps, so my experience isn't much, but I know when I like a sound, and this amp sounds awesome. I play it virtually entirely set on the EL84's, not crazy about 6V6's, while it can been dialed in to get a pretty good classic hard rock overdrive, maybe something like Aerosmith, it's not a "metal amp". I play the amp with virtually no effects, and I was an effects junkie, the amp sounds that good to me just the way it is, I bought a chorus pedal and I don't even use it. The clean tones are really nice, even with just rolling the guitars volume knob back and leaving the gain up, nicer than the Rebel 30's clean channel.

The tube mix feature is ok, if you like 6V6's and EL84's, go for it, but the mix of the 2 is nothing special, it's all hype. The tight switch does tighten up the bottom nicely when using a high gain setting (is there any other setting?). The watts control is definitely nice, and a big reason I was leaning towards an Egnater, and I really never set it higher than 1 watt lol.

The best thing you can do is go try one out for yourself.