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Price Paid
$1499 CDN
Country of origin
Tube Type

3 channels - clean, crunch, and ultra

3 12ax7 preamp tubes

A simple switch to choose either El34 or 6L6 power tubes. (Not sure about the biasing though)

Effects loop with adjustable send/return controls


The list goes on!!!


Versatility! This amplifier packs alot of different sounds into it, especially with different guitars and effects added after the fact. Seperate tone and gain controls for each channel is an added plus as well.

Good tone and low volumes.  Depending on your taste, this amplifier really can offer you a decent guitar sound at low volume.

Price! - For all the features of this amplifier, you can't go wrong with getting one either new or used at the price. 

Acceptability of effects pedals - This thing LOVES pedals. That goes for every channel, but especially the clean channel.


Sterile- The amp can sound somewhat sterile at times. That's why i myself bought some pedals to help with that. An eq in front of the amp adds a more dirtier classic chime to the amps character. I also took out 2 of the EL34 tubes for quicker tube distortion. I also use a hotplate to get the amp tubes glowing. Then the true sound of this EL34 amplifier starts to shine!

No on-board reverb- Not a huge problem, the 2x12 combo has it, i just thought it would be nice to have on-board reverb but then again, for tone purists maybe not such a good idea!

Too many controls! This can be a good or bad thing, in my case it gets a little overwhelming at times...

Sound Quality

Runs fine. And i crank this thing.

Customer Support

Not sure, never had to contact Peavey yet! From what i've heard, they are quite easy to get along with.


All in all, this amplifier gives an excellent package for the price. I'll admit the sound is very Modern at times, but I've been able to adjust the amplifier to sound vintage with PAF pickups and other tweaking of the amp itself. It's a sound some vintage enthusiasts might not get along with, but it's served me well. Especially when I want to crank that gain up and get into heavier metal territory. ALL the options are there albeit not always the best sounding compared to champion amplifiers tailored to that one specific sound.

 All round great amplifier for those looking for a high versatility, and a good price tag.