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Price Paid
2000 Euro
Country of origin
Tube Type

60 watts (Pentode) or 30 watts (Triode) pure tube amp, two channels

Channel 1: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.

Channel 2: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass.

Footswitchable, adjustable Drive and Drive volume on channel 1.
Footswitchable, adjustable Drive on channel 2.
Ability to activate Drive when switching to Master 1.

Two footswitchable Master volumes

4 speaker output: 1x8 ohm, 1x4 ohm, 2x16 ohm, 2x8 ohm.

Fat and Edge knobs for controlling Low and High end in the power amp.

Mixknob for the Fx-Loop from parallel to serial

Weight: 17 kilos (37 lbs)



Very, very good sounds from all channels

Pure tone, no fizz, no hiss

Goes from country clean to jazzy to AC/DC to Van Halen to Metallica and beyond

Cuts through the mix like no other amp I've played with

Very well-defined notes, even when the heaviest distortion is used.


The amp is not very forgiving. If you play a bad note or do master a technique, you will hear it.  Not necessarily bad about the amp, but still...

No reverb inside

Sound Quality
5 (excellent)

No problems yet (after three years)

Customer Support

No problems, have not had a problem and the Elmwood people are very nice to deal with.


In my opinion one of the best amps out there at this moment, as far as channel-switchers go.