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MDV desk, MDVR12 12-Space Side Rack, MDVOB4 4-space Overbridge for MDV-R12
Price Paid
Approx $1200 for desk, two side racks with overbridges.

The Middle Atlantic products studio furniture offer flexible designs to choose from, sturdy construcion and easy assembly at a middle-of-the-road price point.


You determine exactly which components you need. Order as little or as much as you want. The qualiity of the components is aparent when you open the boxes and begin assembly. While the parts are composite board, they are heavy duty, and of that higher quality type that doesn't begin chipping during assembly. 

Assembly is surprisingly easy, and trouble free. The design for assembly was well thought-out, and milled with precision. All the holes line up exactly where they are supposed to, and the parts fit perfectlly.  If you have a lot of components to assemble, it can be time consuming, but it is NOT frustrating, because things go together the way they're supposed to. No trouble at all. Hint: if you get one of the components that go together with the S shaped tool (like the side racks) look for the small allen bit they included with the hardware that you can chuck in your drill and speed up your time.


This has nothing to do with the product itself, but it's worth mentioning to anyone interested in this stuff.  In retrospect, I would have done better to split my order into smaller separate orders. The desk one day, a side rack the next day, and then another one the next day.
But since mine was all one big order, the products were "drop shipped" from the factory and arrvived shrinkwrapped onto one, 300 lb freight pallet which FedEx refused to bring up to my house.  FedEx left the pallet by the curb in front of my house for me to cut apart and take up in the individual boxes. This was a really inconvenient delivery. I also now have to get rid of a freight pallet, and I don't know if the trash guys will take it.



You get what you pay for here. This is not low-end junk, or the top of the mountain. It's in the middle.  No frills, good quality, sturdy construction, and mercifully easy assembly. It feels and seems like pretty heavy duty stuff. Time will tell about the durability, but considering you can spend much more on studio furniture, the Middle Atlantic Products seem like a great bang for the buck.