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Bang for the buck! Floyd 1000 series trem, Seymour Duncan JB pickups, jumbo frets. It’s a pretty lightweight guitar, considering it’s more than likely a cheaper piece of mahogany, and sounds huge. The extended lower cutaway is comfortable. I find JB’s to be hit or miss with me, in this case the bridge JB is awesome. The 16” ebony fingerboard is very smooth, coupled with the thin flat satin finished neck, allows for a smooth fast feel. The body finish and graphic is well done.


Setup out of the box was really high. The Floyd 1000, per as usual, has very stiff fine tuners. I like the look of reversed headstocks, but when it comes time to change strings that, along with the lack of locking tuners, will make it frustrating to me. I find the middle pickup virtually useless, at least for me, I just keep it low and out of the way. I’m not a huge fan of 24 frets on Gibson scales, feels cramped, but I honestly don’t play up that high very often so it’s somewhat of a non issue. No gigbag.


Full disclosure… I’ve only had the guitar a week, but I have no reason to believe opinions about it will change. Guitars with similar features, coming from Indonesia, are going for as much as $400 more, hell Ibanez Premiums go for as much as nearly $1000 more, so there is some good features for a $900 guitar in 2022. The most impressive thing about this guitar is the fret work, super smooth edges, no dead spots. I’m not the biggest fan of the Floyd 1000 series tremolo, if for no other reason than the stiff fine tuners, that being said they are definitely a stable unit, a pro level unit, and otherwise work the way a proper Floyd Rose should. I’m sure the pots and switch are cheap, if you rely on the volume knob for cleans you’ll wanna replace it, as soon as it’s turned enough to get any sound it’s distorted, not full on distorted, but distorted enough to not pass for a clean tone. I would absolutely by another one of these Kramer guitars, have interest in in the 84 and Baretta models, I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t be good, there has been positive buzz about these Kramers for a few years now, and I agree with the positive reviews.