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Wireless Headphone Amp System
Price Paid
  • Studio-quality headphones with 50mm drivers and low-latency BOSS WL-T wireless transmitter deliver impeccable sound.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous play.
  • Bluetooth compatibility lets you stream your favorite songs with built-in controls for volume and playback.
  • Innovative 3D algorithms create an immersive playing experience.
  • Choose from three virtual environments: Surround, Static, and Stage.
  • Packed with 5 different amp types and over 50 effects based on BOSS’s Katana amplifiers.
  • Access numerous ready-to-play presets with free BOSS Tone Studio App.
  • Six memory slots for storing custom presets.
  • Foldable design and durable construction, featuring chrome-plated metal parts.


Apart from the list above, I can say these DO feel very well made of high quality materials.

  • WIRELESS! These things are the BOMB! Being wireless is wonderfully liberating. I'm bopping all over the house like I'm onstage, WIRELESS. Jamming along with songs on my phone. Nothing tripping me up. Go outside if you like. Fabulous! Game-changer!
  • Fantastic sound! I'm not really even using much of the virtual environment stuff because the sound I'm working with doesn't need it. But I've demoed it and it's amazing. But even without it, as a straight up wireless headphone amp, it RULES!
  • I was able to dial up the basic tone I wanted very quickly. Plenty of control over your settings in the phone app.
  • Play along with anything on your phone or tablet, including your music, Spotify, YouTube -- whatever you can play on your device, you can jam over. 


  • You can't hear your spouse or the doorbell or anything else when you've got these on. (But is that a Con or a Pro?)
  • There are occasionaly connection gltches where you have to unplug/replug the transmetter or reconnect bluetooth, but no more so than any other bluetooth device you use. 
  • While I was able to dial up the basic tone I wanted very quickly, tweaking things further, like effects sent me to the user manual. Not really a big deal.

I fucking LOVE these things. They're worth every penny, and I'm condisering getting a pair for at the office. I've been using them to work out guitar parts and solos for my current music project. I just upload my band's tracks to the phone, and away I go. I have NOT tested whether the 5 hour continuous play claim is true (seems far-fetched), but even if it's half that, it's still worth it. And FWIW, I tend to practice in 1 hour chunks.

Possibly the most fun product since the Orange Tiny Terror.  I highly recommend.