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The Yamaha THR10II Wireless guitar amp brings realistic tube-amp tones and feel to your desktop—and beyond. Yamaha originated the “desktop amplifier” category and the THR10II Wireless takes the concept to new heights. New amp models for electric guitar and bass, mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat voicings for everything else let you cover any genre. And it’s fully wireless. Play wherever your music takes you with Bluetooth support, a Line 6 wireless receiver, and built-in rechargeable battery. A redesigned enclosure with increased bass response and a refreshed look that complements any décor complete the package.


  • Power: 20W
  • Speakers: 2x3" custom
  • Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
  • 15 guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat modes for everything else
  • Bluetooth support for audio playback, editing via THR Remote, and more
  • Built-in wireless receiver compatible with optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lets you play anywhere
  • Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity for recording and playback
  • THR Remote editor/librarian app for desktop and mobile devices

It does everything the literature and videos say it does. Light weight. Lots of desireable features, most importantly, it's wireless. It runs off power or a battery, and is wireless guitar-capable.

I really liked the quality of the effects sounds, and the ease of dialing them in. 


I really wanted to like this amp, but I couldn't quite get a satisfying sound out of it. 

I wanted to dial up the early 80s Gary Moore strat tone. Looking at the settings, I figured I'd start with the Crunch setting. Not enough gain with the volume and gain maxed out. So I tried the Lead setting. Same thing. Still not enough gain. I finally got there in the Hi Gain setting. Really? That's a high gain sound in your world? I added some echo, and I got the rhythm sound pretty close.  But when I went for the lead sound, there was nowhere left to go. And playing lead lines just didn't get the sustain or dynamics required. The notes just kind of died.  I even went as far as to try a DS-1 in front of it, and that kind of got it there, but that's not the point.  

Worse. While the THR10 sounds OK in isolation, it sounded AWFUL playing along with a cheap, 20 year-old, piano  (Yamaha, coincidentally). By comparison to the piano's speakers, the amp's speakers sounded plasticy, harsh, and trebly -- even with the treble rolled all the way off and the Bass and Mids dimed. 

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The THR10 has some good features and may be fine for some playing applications, but it just didn't give me enough of what I wanted sound-wise. (And I'm used to playing through Amplitube or a Boss JS10 through earbuds, so this isn't tube snobbery).

I bought it to have something to play through when I'm working out songs with my wife while she bangs away on a cheap piano. When it sounded terrible in that context, I knew I had to return it. 

I have a Positive Grid Spark on order which looks like it may do more of what I need for less money.