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Geddy Lee
Bass Guitars

This enormous, coffee table-format book is full of vintage, bass guitar porn! Photographed beautifully and printed on high quality paper, it is frankly, too large and unwieldy for my NYC apartment!  So I bought the Kindle version.  I note this because the Kindle version actually makes it easier (for me) to actually read a book this size cover-to-cover (rather than just thumbing through it occasionally). And also to note that the color photography is reproduced in glorious high-res detail so the photos lose none of their impact in the Kindle version. The Kindle version is also $13 compared to the $55-$75 you’ll pay for the paper behemoth. 

I think it’s safe to say that by now, we’ve all seen TONS of vintage instrument porn. What makes this book different is that it is obviously bass-focused, narrated by Geddy Lee, and features his own personal collection – replete with anecdotes about most of the instruments. How he acquired them, and what songs he has used them on.  Geddy is a self-professed obsessive collector, but didn’t start collecting vintage basses until quite recently. Combining obsession with deep pockets ensured that Geddy Lee now has one of, if not the finest vintage bass collections on the planet. That seems appropriate enough to me.  But aside from the photos, this book is actually a good read. Made more-so, by the interviews (conducted by Lee) of many noteworthy bassists such as John Paul Jones, Bill Wyman, Adam Clayton, and Bob Daisley to name a few. These interviews make me wish Geddy had started his collection earlier, and done the book before the passing of Entwhistle, Bruce, and Squire.  The book also includes a very welcome section on Geddy's stage and recording gear from 1968-2018.

I think it's too limiting to say this book is just for bassists. More appropriately, this book is for those vintage instrument lovers who won’t be bored by seeing a seemingly-endless stream of Fender Jazz basses from the 60s in varying colors. Yes, the book covers other brands, too. (Gibson, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Hofner, Ampeg). Rush and Geddy fans will also find a lot to like here.  Quite an effort! And well up to the quality standard associated with all things Geddy Lee.