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In most situations, what you need from an amp is the following:

  • One good clean tone
  • One good Dino crunch tone
  • One good lead tone

You can achieve this by a two or three channel tube amp OR in the most basic way, a one channel tube amp and your guitar's volume knob (for clean) and a overdrive or distortion pedal (for lead)
 What you probably don’t need:

  • Many mediocre sounds
  • Versatility. Amp versatility is overrated in most situations

Why you want a tube amp

  • Does one thing VERY well
  • Best tone
  • Live performance

Why you might want a solid state amp

  • Practice amp
  • Certain recording uses

Remember: Design concept is more important than brand. When trying to cop your favorite player's tone, matching the amp's power tube type gets you closer than anything else.