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Sauropods: Earthshakers.

Dinosaur Rock Guitarists who are primarily rhythm players.

Ornithischians: Includes armored, horned, plated and spiked dinosaurs.

Includes any one or combination of the following:

  • Blues-based rockers
  • Important 70s stylists
  • Role-player guitarists — very good, but not the kind of world-class lead players who captivate us as the focal point of a band.

Early Theropods: Fast and agile, dinosaurs with carnivorous diet, sharp, slicing teeth, well-developed jaw muscles, clawed hands, bipedal walk, strong legs with clawed feet.

Pioneers and definers of the Dinosaur Rock Guitar Genre.

Advanced Theropods

Alternate pickers, bar-raisers, often possessing the most electrifying blend of melody, attitude, emotion, and chops in their lead styles.

Ornithomimosaurs: "Speed racers." Ostrich mimics.

Pterosaurs: "Winged lizards" Carnivorous flying reptiles.

Neo-Classical and Shred stylists, Sweep pickers — technicians who can really "fly."

Reptilia and Crocodyloforms: The group encompassing crocodylians and other similar but extinct reptiles.

Armadillodoedicurus: A prehistoric armadillo the size of a VW Beetle.

Players we like who have some Dino-like traits or aspects in their style.

Stylistic Periods


Represented by early Dino pioneers such as Townshend, Hendrix, and Clapton.
Jurassic The main stylistic period of Dinosaur Rock Guitar. Encompassing the heavyweight Dino bands of the 70s like Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Purple up through 80s melodic (pre-shred) metal. Remeber, these are stylistic categories — not pure chonological. Some younger players play in a Jurassic style.


Begins with Yngwie and encompasses the Neo-Classical boom, and the style called shred.

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