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Kiesel Vader 6x Headless

I’ve owned 2 Carvins, a PRS style CT4 and a Strat style Bolt, both, while solid guitars, were not as good as the PRS or Strat that I owned that they were copying… This Kiesel Vader is quite possibly the best playing guitar I have ever put my hands on. The satin neck, ebony board, and stainless fret all make for a very smooth feel across the neck. The Hipshot designed tremolo feels more like a Floyd Rose than it does a typical non locking tremolo unit, like Fender or Gotoh traditional tremolos, you can basically do all your Floyd acrobatics on this tremolo…. And it stays in tune.

JHS Bonsai Screamer

This is an absolutely excellent pedal, built the way you would expect a JHS pedal would be built. It might seem a bit pricey, but a TS808 goes for $180 alone. This pedal covers your TS needs, but also provides quality high gain overdrive.

Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography

I have read many books on Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. Jimmy has always been my biggest musical influence (if I had to pick just one), as a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. When I think about what I want to achieve as a musician, Jimmy Page is the first image that comes to my mind. To have artistic vision, write great songs, play them well on my guitar, record them myself, and retain total creative control over every aspect of my art

Confess - Rob Halford

This is a great read. Rob Halford's own, inimtiable voice narrates you through the story of his life from childhood to the present right up to COVID.  Growing up in the Midlands town of Wallsall (North of Birmingham, East of Wolverhampton).

From memories of 68 when the wizard shook the world
Metal came from foundries where the midlands sound unfurled
The Bull Ring was a lonely place of concrete towers and steel
The coal mines and the industries were all I had to feel. — from Made in Hell

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