Digitech RP255

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Features the ProCo Rat, Ibanez TS-9 and 808 Tube Screamers, MXR Distortion, EHx Big Muff Pi, Digitech Death Metal, and a few other distortion/overdrive pedals, the Boss CE-2 chorus, MXR Flanger, Digitech Whammy, Real McCoy and Crybaby wahs, Yaya Box, a pretty convincing Acoustic Simulator, and more.
The unit has some pretty decent amp and cabinet models as well. Marshall Plexi, JCM 800 and 900, Mesa Mark 2 and Dual Rec, Soldano SLO, various Fender and Vox amps, a Matchless HC30, Hiwatt Custom 100, etc., in addition to a dozen or so cabinet designs and speakers.
Other features include a 20 second looper, and tuner.
Operation on the unit is pretty basic and simple, 2 foot switch operation, up and down, to scroll the presets, press both together to access the tuner, press and hold the up switch for the looper. Small up and down button to scroll through the effects, amps, cabs, etc., and 4 knobs to control the selections and EQ's.
There are more presets on their site that can be added.
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LOTS of useable effects and presets, the distortion selections are pretty close to the real deals. Editing is a breeze, especially if you connect the unit to your computer, and use the computer interface which uses a series of roll down windows. And just about everything on the pedal can be edited and combined. Every effect, distortion, and amp can be edited, from the EQ of the Marshall JTM to sweep of the Crybaby Wah, it's all tweakable, in addition these various pedal simulations feature pretty much every control the real pedals have, I saw this especially when using the computer interface, where viewable knobs would change based on the pedal being tweaked, instead of it being the same controls for all. The score I gave is relative, it's not gonna replace a pro quality pedal board for gigging, or even rehearsal, but there are more than enough usable effects to make you not miss that pedal board if it's put away and you just wanna toy around at home for fun. So sound quality is about 50/50 in that respect, some great, some terrible. The great sounding stuff on the pedal make its $150 price tag a steal. http://www.digitech.com/en-US/products/rp255 There are more presets on their site that can be added.


Not practical for stage use, can't switch effects on and off, it's all presets, many of the effects are good enough for a gig but you'd be better off with something like the RP1000. The expression pedal is a bit of a pain in the ass, for example if you're using the wah you have to be careful about pushing the pedal down too far, it engages just with a tap, it also disengages with a tap, so it's easy to inadvertently turn the wah off. The unit comes with a CD... This CD is for installing the mixing program, NOT the user interface for editing the presets. They don't mention anywhere that it's not the editing interface! The preset editing interface is downloaded from the Digitech website. Sound quality... Some of the effects sound great, like the Rat and Boss Chorus, others, like the Digitech Death Metal are noisy and the noise gate when used makes the effect have this staticy sound when you slide your fingers on the strings as it quiets the guitar, it's really annoying, and wasn't something that the MXR Fullbore Metal did when the noise gate was engaged. Out of the box, most of the presets sound terrible, way too much treble, and the time effects seem to all be set high on everything, so getting started takes some time to dial the effects in.

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Haven't dealt with Digitech.


Haven't had it for more than 2 months, but I'd assume the same reliability as the other RP models, so it should be solid.

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