BOSS DC-2 Dimension C

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The DC-2 -- confusingly-named Dimension C is pretty much a pedal version of Roland's amazing rackmount Dimension D stereo chorus -- a classic studio effect that makes pretty much anything you run through it (particularly things like acoustic guitars, pianos, and vocals) sound amazingly wide, sparkly, bigger, and more alive in a mix. That is, it adds DIMENSION. It is also of note that Gary Moore and others used the Dimension D back in the 80s to make their stereo guitar rigs sound bigger.

Just like the Dimension D, the C is truly simplicity itself. No knbos to twiddle -- just 4 buttons of stunning chorus quality without the pitch modulation associated with normal chorus effects. Each subsequent button increases the intensity of the chourus, but even on button 4, the effect remains fairly subtle.  There is also a hidden Zero setting you can get by half-depressing any button so that none of the buttons are actually engaged/pressed.  This provides an even subtler chorus effect than button 1.

Stereo outs. Typical Boss design and power requirements.

The DC-2 was aparently sold from December 1985 to September 1989. They are now rare and expensive on the secondary market.

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5 (easy)

Simplicity, and the QUALITY of the chorus. If you're interested in chorus for a larger sound, rather than a prominent chorus effect, it is perfect.

For me, the CE-2 is the perfect pedal to use as the always-on signal processor that creates the stereo hugeness in your rig, because it adds dimension, without being perceived as a "chorus effect."  Set it at 0 or 1, and your stereo rig sounds positively massive.  Set it higher and you'll perceive the effect more.


Price and availability, though I would suggest that if you're after that huge dimensional stereo rig sound that you create with a time-based effect, this pedal is worth the investment. If you want a bone dry sound, this isn't your pedal.

It is probably not the best pedal to use as a traditional chorus (in mono), that you kick on and off. Even on the most intense setting, it's a relatively subtle effect. If you want big wooshy choruses, for that specific effect, there are cheaper, more versatile options.

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5 (excellent)
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