BYOC Phase Royal

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Control Knobs for Depth, Resonance, Speed, and Mix

Toggle Switch for 6 or 4 stage Phase


LED on/off

Boss style 9v AC adapter port

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The sound is MXR Phase 90, but added control over the signal.

The resonance knob allows for getting a classic chewy phase, to what BYOC describes as a "Throaty vowel like quality". I think it sounds cool all the way through.

The mix control is a nice addition to the classic script Phase 90 sound, allowing you to adjust the wet/dry signal, allowing for subtle hints of phase, to full on saturation.

I'd be lying if I said I knew the difference between 4 stages and 6 stages of phase, but there is a noticable difference, and they both sound good.


Don't let the colorful pedals fool you, the pedal comes unmarked in gorgeous aluminum, unless you pay for it to be painted. I hate that it's not marked, I had to get pics from Google to see which knob did what.

It doesn't feel very durable, it's a big aluminum box, but it kinda reminds me of a Electro-Harmonix pedal. BYOC appears to use the same housing unit for all their pedals, and the pedal is just too big for the parts, so when you pick it up you can feel the components moving around, primarily the battery. The inside of the pedal is not padded, like an MXR pedal. I've since put the pedal on a board with a power supply, so the issue of the battery josseling around no longer exists, but if you don't have or can't afford a pedalboard it might be an issue for you. Need to note, mine was a pre-built kit, I'm not good at sodering, if you are good at building this stuff, do it yourself and reinforce it with a battery clip and some internal padding.

I still haven't found a phase pedal that doesn't increase my volume when turned on... I was told that the increase in volume was a result of wet/dry signal, but the mix control doesn't help with this issue.

On my setup, which consists of a Randall RM22 with a Fender Deluxe module as a clean channel and GTO Judge module for OD, and a pedalboard using a Wampler SLOstortion to distort and boost the clean, and boost only for the OD, the Phase Royal behaves differently with each... When I use the phase with the GTO module, which is an OD channel, the signal tends to be dryer, and the mix control only makes it so much wetter. When using the Fender Deluxe module, which is essentially a clean channel, and the channel I use the SLOstortion, the complete opposite happens when the SLOstortion pedal is on, the phase signal is very wet, and the mix control only dries it up so much, I also still notice the jump in volume more in this setting.

I would rate the overall sound at 4.5 to 5 stars, but the pedal itself just feels flimsy, that's the reason for the 3 star rating.

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Customer Support: 

Haven't had to contact them, but when first purchasing the pedal, Scott over at the Axe And You Shall Receive website I bought the pedal from, who apparently is the only person BYOC links to pre-built pedals, was very quick with responding to emails and shipping from Canada was quicker than expected, and the pedal was hand wired, and done so quickly.


I think the pedal is a bit iffy, not in the same league as MXR or TC in construction, but as stated above, if you can build it yourself do so, you might end up with a solidly built pedal... It hasn't NOT worked though, so maybe I'm being hard on them.

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