B. K. BUTLER TUBE DRIVER with bias control add-on.

Price Paid: 
$424.00 U.S. + $12.00 shipping

Output Level, High and Low EQ, Tube Drive, Bias Control and Footswitch on a Very Solid  Metal Housing with a Preamp Tube inside.

Ease of Use: 

The Most Beautiful Smooth, Character Rich, Touch Responsive, Exquisitely Voiced Gain pedal I've ever had the pleasure to play through. Every control has a wide range and directly contibutes to the voice produced through your amplifier. Don't ask about "sweet spots". The controls feel "active". They add as well as subtract. Their wide range makes for many wonderful voices with the knobs in any number of positions. Perfect Straight Forward Gain. Mid Thick Gain. Mid Dropped Gain. Bright and Ripping or Smooth and Dark. Best at Blues Crunch, Rock Crunch / Medium Gain, 80's Rock Gain or Vintage Metal Gain.

The Bias Control (that little knob sticking out at the top of the picture), in my opinion, is a must have add-on. This option controls how "hot" the internal preamp is driven. Think of the front end of your amp. Think of the effect different amounts of drive from your pickups, volume control, pedals in the signal chain, etc. can have on your amps "preamp" contibution to amp tone. The Bias control is your key to this type of adjustment. 

This pedal own's me. Anything I add will just be more of the same praise. I truly believe the B. K. Butler Tube Driver to be the finest gain pedal ever designed and built to this date.


None!  I'm including the purchase price in this statement. I'm known for being willing to pay more than the average guy for a good effects pedal. That said, don't think that's part of the equation this time around. Had I known the true quality and supreme voice of this gain pedal before hand I would have paid upwards of $600.00. I'm retiring half a dozen pedals with the purchase of the B.K.Butler Tube Driver. Added together those pedals ran nearly a grand and not one comes close to the Tube Driver. Of all the gain pedals I've owned only the Hermida Zendrive could be placed on the same shelf without having to hide it's face in shame.

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

During the purchase, (direct from Mr. Butler), he was very helpful, kind and informative. His reputation among many high end / famous guitarists is flawless. He just want's to redeem the name of the Tube Driver and elevate it's status back to it's original level prior to the design agreement with Chandler. If you order from Mr. Butler you are one on one with the original designer / builder and are getting The Tube Driver that earned it's reputation as the finest gain pedal available.


As long as you keep in mind that there's a tube onboard when you load and unload the Tube Driver when going from venue to venue you'll be more than impressed. The housing is as solid as a tank and large enough to allow all internal components to be placed in their own space. Nothing is going to bang up against something else. Nothing's going to overheat something else. It's just a beautiful design from the ground up.

Overall Rating: 
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