MXR Micro Chorus

Price Paid: 

Single knob design controlling the rate.

All analog. 

True bypass. 

Ease of Use: 
5 (easy)

The sound of this chorus pedal in the loop is beautiful, rich texture, very warm tone, and organic sounding, one of the best sounding chorus pedals I've ever heard. Built like a tank. Takes up a very small space on the pedalboard. So simple even a caveman can use it. One knob controls the rate, and that is really all you need to get the perfect sound out of this thing. Chorus pedals that sound this good usually cost twice as much.


If your amps effects loop has no level control, you're kinda in a tight spot, my experience with the pedal is that once you engage it the volume of the amp gets noticeably louder, and I found that the pedal sounded a little weak in front of the amp. A level knob on the pedal would make it perfect. I still find changing the battery to be a pain in the neck, having to unscrew the bottom plate.

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

Haven't dealt with Dunlop


I challenge someone to break this thing, while not killing people within a 10 mile radius... Same deal with all MXR pedals.

Overall Rating: 
Average: 4 (1 vote)