Ernie Ball VP Jr. Volume Pedal

Price Paid: 
$85.00 U.S.

A passive, (no battery or wall wart required), Volume Pedal. Solidly built. A rocker, (Wah Wah like), foot pedal with an input, output and tuner connection.

Ease of Use: 
5 (easy)

This is my favorite Volume pedal. I've always loved the sound of volume swells and, in most cases, do them with my pinky finger on the volume knob. Two issues that pop up now and then are the location of a guitars volume knob in relation to the playing area of the picking hand, and, the required focus of the picking hand on it's primary function. Sometimes the requirements of the picking hand are such that having to also control the volume sweep with the pinky becomes a burden. This is where a volume pedal becomes a life saver. The Ernie Ball VP Jr. addresses this requirement perfectly. A very smooth and even sweep. Easy for your foot to gain the required skill level.


My only issue with the Ernie Ball VP Jr. is the location of the volume pot. It's not positioned in a place that protects it from dust. It's important that you either provide a cover for the pedal when it's just sitting on the shelf or not being used everyday. If it's left open to the elements the pot will produce the same type of "scratchy" noises as guitar knobs left open to the elements.

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

I've never needed support


The pot developed a problem to where it didn't take the volume all the way down. Might be cheaper to replaced the pedal than fix the pot.

Overall Rating: 
Average: 3 (1 vote)