Analogman Mini Chorus

Price Paid: 
$250.00 U.S.

Excellence is chorusing effect and build. Easily my all time favorite chorus pedal. The only analog chorus I've used in the past few years and a near constant presence on my pedalboard. Multiple options are available for personal preference. Analogman offers both the standard sized pedal as well as this mini sized pedal for those trying to save space on their pedal board. Most of the options of the full size pedal are also available on the mini. I believe the stereo option and the external deep switch are the only options not available on the smaller unit. Other options include an internal mix trimpot, an external third knob mix control, and a standard, thin or deep chorus voicing. On the larger pedal you can get an external switch for the depth of voicing options. You can also run this pedal on a standard 9 volt wall wart or a 12 volt unit for added headroom.

Ease of Use: 
5 (easy)

I, because of space limitations, chose the small box Mini Chorus. The base price was $225.00 U.S. I added an additional $25.00 to have Analogman install an external mix knob, ( amount of Dry vs. Chorusing effect). I also asked for the "fixed" Deep option. The Deep option is pure 1960's 12 string / multiple guitar chorusing. The Standard option is more like the latter 1970's "Rush" chorusing and the Thin option adds just a touch of chorusing to the dry signal.

This is THE chorus pedal for me. In my opinion, the very best chorus pedal on the market.

Note: If you have room for the full size box and run a stereo rig, by all means, get the stereo option. I go back and forth. Sometimes, (most times), I go mono and, other times, stereo. While the stereo option is beyond excellent, I chose the mono version because of size requirements as well as the desire to be able to use this wonderful pedal no matter what type of setup I was using at the time.


You'd think a pedal of this quality on the inside would have comparable aesthetics on the outside. To look at the finish, you would think: don't even bother. The blue paint and pressed on graphic look cheap. It's projects quality 180 degrees off what's housed inside. The best damn chorus I've ever used in one of the ugliest boxes on my board.

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
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