Paul Quinn


Songwriting/Riffs - Every single Saxon album, even the weaker ones from the mid-late 80's, had a least a good chunk of tasty, chunky metal riffs and melodic hooks. Quinn has been a constant driving force in this department, recieving writing credits for practically every Saxon ever written!

Consistency - Every 2-3 years, Saxon put out a tasty, melodic and chunky heavy metal album. It's never groundbreaking or earthshattering, but it's consistently good, sometimes great. There are some awkward stinkers in the back-catalogue, an attempt in the mid-late 80's to breach the pop metal hype. But even then, it's 2 albums in a massive back-catalogue of balls-out, stomping heavy metal goodness.

 Influence - People don't realize how much of an influence Saxon were as a band on the sound and image of NWOBHM and the metal world in general. Their name always pops up in interviews as a major influence on the younger metal bands of the time.

Teamwork - Paul Quinn is the epinomy of the team player. Always contributing, playing for the song, solid as a rock. When it's his time, he pops his head, lays out a tasteful, melodic lead and goes back to work.


Recognition - Despite being one of the bigger names in the NWOBHM, Saxon never quite achieved the status of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. They have managed to achieve a cult status through sheer determination and will, but it seems they will never be fully recognized by the masses for the contribution to heavy rock music. This goes without saying for Quinn and his role as the band's major riff-writer.

Evolution - Despite some changes in the image and sound of the band over the years, Paul Quinn has pretty much remained the same kind-hearted bloke from barnsley he was back in 1979. He's a great at what he does, but he hasn't evolved or changed much over the years. He has shown some development in his chops, but for the most part, not much has changed. He's a good player with solid chops, who does his job consistently well. 

Guitar Style: 

Rhythmically, you won't hear in Saxon something dynamically different than you would in their NWOBHM contemporaries. You got root 6 and root 5 power chords with some flavours thrown in and some clean arpeggiated folk chords. A rhythmic approach and sensibility you'd here from the likes of Adrian Smith, Glenn Tipton and Wolf Hoffmann.

Leadwise, Quinn is not particularly flashy or technical. He's basically a 70's stylist, relaying alot on legato for speed, though he has shown some technical devleopment over the years. He is a very tasty player, capable of delivering some fiery, passionate lead breaks. It's not incredibly memorable, but it always fits the song, and it's always ballsy.

Typical Gear Choices: 

Paul Quinn currently uses a custom Gibson Les Paul with a floyd rose. Over the years he's been known to use many differents guitars, including Gibson Explorers, Flying V's and various superstrats. Frankly, not much data exists on the web regarding his gear choices over the years.

What You Need to Know: 

Paul Quinn is one the founding members of one of the greatest heavy metal bands that ever stomped the planet, Saxon. He's an excellent songwriter that manages to keep things fresh and consistent while retaining his character, all without soung derivative. He and the band have been plugging away for years, fought extreme adversity and triumphed through it all to keep the faith and the metal flame alive. They're undying dedication to the essence of rock and roll are what I feel appeals to most people and allows them to proudly march on. That and the fact that they play some damn good heavy metal music.

Essential Recordings: 
Saxon - Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of the Law, Denim and Leather, Power and the Glory