Ibanez FL9 Flanger

Price Paid: 
$109.00 U.S.

Four control knobs in a solid housing with a full width footswitch. Runs on 9v battery or wall wart. It's size equals a small footprint on a pedal board.

Ease of Use: 

The Ibanez FL9 Flanger is built like a tank. It has a full size, (rather than push button), foot switch that's virtually indestructible and four decent sized knobs that feel solid and require a bit of pressure to turn. You won't lose your settings if your toe happens to hit one of them.

The sweep of the Regen control knob, (it adds coloration and depth to a flangers otherwise steely metallic tone), is wider than many of the flangers I've used. It goes from hardly noticeable to well past an amount I would ever want to include in the pedal's voicing. Regeneration brings the tone of a flanger back to a human rather than robotic voice and, when properly adjusted, can almost bring the tone into phaser territory while maintaining the striking shift of a flanger rather than the "airy" shift of a phaser.

Phasers are psychedelic, deep and smooth in their vocal output. Flangers tend to be meaner and more "in your face" and tend to stand out better among other instruments in a band. The Ibanez FL9 Regen knob extends the use of the FL9 outside of a standard flangers limited range.

The actual tonal range of the FL9 is darker than my other flangers. I have a deep voice and the FL9 is a better match when I sing and use a flanged rhythm track. In some instances where I might normally use a phaser I've found the FL9 to be a better choice. It offers more presence while remaining smooth.


I don't really have any personal "cons" with the FL9. It's all analog so it doesn't offer some of the preset / save options of digital / modeling flangers. Then again, a modeled flange voice doesn't come close to analog, so, I'm good with the give and take.

I wish the housing wasn't coated in bright yellow paint. Yellow makes me think mellow yellow. Flangers should be black or stainless or brushed metal with maybe a crossed bones or skull or wicked lightning strike on the face of the pedal.

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

I've never needed it.


I've owned this pedal for over eight years and have never had an issue with it. It is very reliable.

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Average: 4 (1 vote)