Dunlop Dimebag Wah "CryBaby from Hell"

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The Dimebag Wah is one of the many upgraded versions of the famous CryBaby. There are three jack sockets: one input, and two outputs, one of which can be configured to re-send the unalduterated input signal out of the pedal. The effect is of "buffered bypass" type, with an op-amp buffer (unlike the basic buffer used by Dunlop on the current entry level CryBaby). 
The wah offers several controls: a selector to choose the center of the frequency sweep, and two small pots to adjust the filter ("Q" setting) and the eq ("fine tune"). The effect also has a boost function. When activated, the boost kicks in when the wah is used. Its level can be adjusted by another small pot.


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This is a great sounding wah for a reasonable price. Very musical, with a true vocal quality, it doesn't suck the signal dynamics, and the trebles never sound harsh or thin. I find all the controls to be reactive and no-nonsense, nothing goes over the top. The booster is very useable too, thanks to its progressive adjustment. The overall result is a very polyvalent pedal (much beyond what the Dimebag label could suggest). It shines on classic wah stylings, from Hendrix to Schenker. Also, the buffered bypass is quite transparent: I don't notice any loss of tone when the effect is in the signal chain, and there's no transitional noise or variation in the signal level when the effect is switched on and off.


The position marker on the tiny pots is not well visible, which can make it a bit difficult to go back to a favorite setting after you've turned the pots. Also, I've found the pedal to be very sensitive to radio interference.

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