Rocktron Black Cat Moan

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This is a true bypass wah, coupled with an independent, switchable, kind of distortion unit (the so-called "moan" function). The wah has three modes: "normal" (CryBaby style), "classic" (closer to a vintage Vox wah), and "bass"  (suitable for bass guitar). The "moan" function is supposed to enhance the vocal effect of the wah by putting the emphasis on certain frequencies, which can be adjusted with a pot (there's also a gain pot).  

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It is well built for its price range, with a sturdy metal housing, and switches and jacks that seem durable. It's quiet and not sensitive to interference, though the hardwire bypass produces the occasional "pop" when you switch the effect on and off. The wah is useable as a standard entry-level wah, and the "moan" function can add the occasional fancy effect when playing through a clean amp.


Unsurprisingly, the wah sucks quite a bit of tone and dynamics, and doesn't sound very musical, but it's still useable. My main complaint is rather that the effect is really not progressive: all the frequency sweep seems concentrated on a small portion of the pot, so that the variation happens brutally when the pedal is almost down. As a consequence, it's hard to use the pedal with subtlety (to accent a bend, or to keep a sweet "cocked wah" spot). It will be OK for those who just want to rock it back and forth à la Kirk Hammett. Also, the "moan" function is mostly useless in my opinion, since the resulting tone is not very natural, and sounds like crap in front of an overdriven amp.

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Not used.


I didn't like the pedal and sold it after a few months, so I don't really know, but I have no particular reason to doubt its reliability.

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