Hughes & Kettner Replex (Single / Dual Head Delay Echo and Reverb)

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$250.00 U.S.

The Hughes & Kettner Replex is a battle ready pedal, (built better than a tank), that uses a complex analog/digital circuit that includes an onboard 12AX7 tube and enough misc. guts to rival a quality guitar amplifier. On the face, it sports nine control knobs, four footswitches and an LED that warns you of clipping. Note* There is no tape involved in the workings of this pedal. The Replex is a Tape Echo simulator. Terms like "head" and "second head" are in reference to how this pedal relates to the sound of a true tape echo.


The Knobs are :

Drive. Yes. It has it's own onboard preamp. This is the only delay/echo pedal I've run across that was actually designed for and sounds best when run directly into the front of a guitar amplifier.

Output. Similar to an amps master volume.

Reverb Volume. This is actually more of a mix control between the dry and reverb affected signals.

The next three control knobs are specific to the delayed repeats. They include:

Volume (of the repeats).

Feedback. The amount of time it will take the echoing repeats to fade away. This isn't a delay pedal that will deliver a set number of repeats at a set volume. It's closer to an echo effect as progressive repeats lose volume.

Vintage Factor. This controls the quality of the delayed signal. Vintage echos produced a degradation of quality in the succession of repeated notes.

Single Head Time. The speed of the repeats when using Single Head Delay or the speed of the First Head when using Dual Head Delay.

Dual Head Time.  The slower speed of the Second Head when using Dual Head Delay.

Second Head Volume. A separate control for the volume of the repeated notes produced by the second head.


The Foot Switches are:

Bypass. Yep. Pretend it's not there.

Reverb. Just what it says. In truth, this reverb reminds me more of a vintage "plate" reverb rather than the better known "spring" reverb. Plate reverb has a brighter and more metallic quality to it, and, because of the overall tonal quality of the repeats produced by the Replex, I think this was a good decision by the folks at Hughes and Kettner.

Single Head Delay.  Just what it says.

Dual Head Delay. Just what it says.


The LED is labelled SAT for Saturation. It's actually a notice for clipping.

Ease of Use: 

The Drive control is exactly what it sounds like. You can control the amount of drive/signal strength that hits the front end of your amp. The Replex is designed in a way that makes it more of a lead rock guitarists echo than the pretty swishy echos that sound so beautiful when used in a rhythm or clean format. Imagine a simulated tape echo with a built in warm Ibanez / Maxon TS808 Tubescreamer.

The Reverb, with it's brighter plate sound, is perfect to enhance the warm delayed notes.

The housing.  The Replex may have the most overbuilt housing of any pedal I've ever run across. It's heavy. It's large. It's faceplate reminds me of an old Marantz Stereo Receiver. If a building fell on it you could just dig it out and continue the tour.


Three years ago I would have said almost none. It's size is definately an issue if you have a single tier / small pedal board. It's large and heavy. Maybe 11" wide by 9" deep. Other than that it was the best of the best. Yet, time marches on. Today's builders have managed to expand on the "Vintage Factor" control of the Replex. Both the strymon El Capistan and Empress Effects "Vintage Modified" Superdelay have taken this part of tube tape echo to a new level. The single Vintage Factor knob of the Replex doesn't stand a chance against the multiple control factors these newer pedals offer. True. The Replex is simpler and comes pretty close, but, if you're looking for a truly accurate reproduction of vintage tape echo either one of these newer models will be better.

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Customer Support: 

I've never needed it. It would be hard to damage this pedal unless you went rooting around inside of it.


Excellent with bonus points.

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