Digitech GSP 2101 Artist Preamp and Multi-effects Unit

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Full bandwidth effects (20-20kHz)

24-bit signal path, 48-bit internal data path

Any digital effect can appear at any point in any effects chain

Number of simultaneous effects limited only by available CPU and RAM blocks inthe unitProgrammable Algorithms allow you to create an unlimited variety of custom effects configurations

Effects can be repeated in a chain, e.g. EQ + flange + EQ + pitch shift + pitch shift

Instant Module and Parameter access

Multiple dynamic effects capability (e.g. chorus + flange+ pitch shift)

Expandable to 2x factory memory and processing with optional PPC-210

Balanced, speaker-compensated outputs for running direct to a mixing console

World-class tube preamp with six distortion types (3 tube, 3 solid state)

DigiTech’s exclusive modulation delays

Chromatic tuner

Effects include: improved Whammy™, Chromatic Pitch Shifter, HarmonyIntelligent Pitch Shifting, and Programmable Cabinet Emulation

Built-in tone generator

Digital and analog EQ

MIDI input filtering and MIDI Merging

MIDI program transmit and receive mapping

All Effects and Parameters available for MIDI continuous control

Optional Control One foot controller with built-in Expression Pedal for ultimate programmabilityand control

Ease of Use: 

Powerful amp sims that are enhanced by the use of a 12AX7 tube used to get tube distortion and warmth.  Also has option to use digital effects including distortion and overdrive.

100 user presets and 140 factory presets equals 240 presets in total, some which were created by some very well known artists i.e. Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, George Lynch, Dweezil Zappa, Warren Dimartini among others.

There are still many sights that are available where people are willing to share their created sounds.  I have picked up many cool sounds that have become part of my repertoire.

So many presets available that you may not want to tweak your set-up.  Or you have a great starting place to start.


Programming is not overly intuitive so you may not start from scratch to get your sound.  Manual takes a few reads to get the hang of what they are talking about.  

May need some previous experience programming multi-effects units and differnt effects and how they colour your sound

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Have not had any issus that required customer support


No issues to date and I have had it for 3 years now.  Reliability is rated a 5.

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