Dunlop Slash Crybaby Wah Pedal

Price Paid: 

LED indicators, high gain distortion with on/off, volume, and gain controls, Fasel Inductor. Other than that is a pretty standard Crybaby. Not 100% sure if it's a hybrid or not, I assume the distortion is digital and the wah itself is analog.

Ease of Use: 

It's a true bypass pedal.


The distortion sounds pretty lousy, and only works in wah mode, overall a pretty thin sounding wah tone, eats 2 new 9v batteries overnight if the jack is accidently left in, I think the $170 price tag is a bit steep for what I found to be a piece of junk.

I always loved Slash's wah sound, this thing sounds nothing like Slash's classic wah sound. And when when you turn the distortion on, it's even worse... If it sounds like anything, it sounds like Kirk Hammet's wah sound, at least to my ears, and that is generally not viewed as a good thing, at least not on this website.

There are a ton of wah's out there priced in the ballpark of the Slash, that are better, and I'd get one ofthem instead... Mine was just put on Ebay. I believe Slash still uses his rackmount Crybaby, so it's a little misleading when you see this pedal on his board.

Sound Quality: 
1 (terrible)
Customer Support: 

Haven't had to deal with Dunlop.


Haven't owned it long enough, but it seems like a very solidly constructed piece of gear.

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