Steve Morse - Out Standing in their Field

Steve Morse
5 (excellent)
Stand out moments: 
Name Dropping, Time Junction, Flight of the Osprey , Rising Power

I've been a Steve Morse fan since high school. Love the Dregs and his solo work but I'm not a fan of Deep Purple.

The new CD is a gem. Steve Morse is often all over the globe stylistically. He is reknowned as a guy that can play " anything."  This new CD is a solid ROCK guitar masterpiece. The best stuff he has released since SOUTHERN STEEL back in1991.

Steve has recently switched to Engl Amps and I believe Dino's will find his tone way more appealing. In fact I'd venture to say he sounds better than ever. Stylisitically 8 of the 11 tracks rock out. Some have his trademark thousand note chops that somehow form the basis of his riffs while others are old school stompers, specifically the opening track NAME DROPPING which immediately grabbed me the instant I heard it with a gut bucket ZZ toppish drop D riff. Those of us that thought Steve Morse couldn't write a decent dino riff will surely be surprised. People that want to be blown away by his uncanny ability to push the limits of technique and melodic invention won't be disappointed.

I'm happy that Steve has returned to writing music with a harder, metal crash. I really dig his soaring melodic style but I've been yearning for some shredding and crunching and this CD delivers both. Steve Morse fans will love it and there is a good chance this release may convert some skeptics.

The final track is a live barn burner ....RISING POWER ...{originally off Stressfest} It showcases all there is to love about Steve Morse. A stunning polyphonic melody that defies your ears. How can ONE guy play that? Not only is Steve Morse a smokin' player but he is an equally brilliant composer. The guy has every conceivable tecnique in the bag and one of the coolest is his ability to tap harmonics all over the neck -- something which you can really only truly apprieciate when you see him play live. The melodies he taps out on this live track are sweet. Then he punches in his synth chords that wash over everything after which he proceeds to give a doctoral disertation on the guitar solo which starts off with a bit of twang only to explode in your face. Finally Dave LaRue gets in on the soloing -- another guy that just kills live. Unfortunatley the production of the live track is weak and leaves the listener wondering "Is that it ?"

So for the Steve Morse Fans, YOU GOTTA HAVE IT. As far as his solo stuff goes this is one of the best and I believe it will have way more appeal to guitar fans than anything else he has realeased, including Deep Purple. This CD proves that Steve could do the Deep Purple gig with a busted G string and one hand tied behind his back.

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