Peterson Strobo Stomp VS-S

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  • 100% True Bypass Switching with Silent Tuning
  • User selectable Bypass modes. You can tune while playing if you want (not true bypass mode) or set it for silent tuning with true bypass when tuner OFF.
  • Backlit Strobe Display
  • Accuracy to 1/10th of a Cent (30 times more accurate than LED / Needle Tuners)
  • Offsets for All Instruments Fitted with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System Including 12 String
  • Range Far Exceeds that of Any Guitar or Bass
  • Peterson Custom GTR, BAS and 12 String Tempered Tunings
  • User-Programmable Tempered Tunings
  • Drop / Capo Transposition for All Tunings and Offsets
  • Built-In Mute-able Active DI with Ground/Lift and XLR Output
  • Uses less than 10mA of power when OFF in true bypass mode, about 65mA when tuning display is on.
  • Power-Sharing 9V DC Input / Output or 9V Battery
  • Rock Solid Die-Cast Construction Ergonomically Designed to Protect LCD and Stomp Switch




Ease of Use: 

True bypass. Active DI can be used to send your instrument's signal to another amp - and it has ground lift to eliminate hum caused by ground loops. What other pedal tuners can match these features? I can't think of any others that are true bypass and have active DI with ground lift.  


Programmable to your own tempered tuning. You can adjust the base pitch in increments of 1 cent. This is handy if you are playing with, say, a piano that has been tuned slightly off concert pitch. Basically you can "tune the tuner" to whatever pitch you require. 

Incredibly accurate, stable and very fast. LED display is bright enough to be visible in almost any lighting situation, including outdoors during daylight.

Compared to the Boss TU-2 Tuner that almost everybody seems to use, the Peterson is streets ahead in every respect. I used the Boss for several years and found it very innacurate. It would "drift" noticeably, and it wouldn't track strings consistently. No such problems with the Peterson.  


The tempered presets are of questionable value for most users. I mean, how many of us will find a use for all those Buzz Feiten presets? I've only tried the GTR "sweetened" tuning, and found that it actually makes the A, D and G strings out of tune in relation to each other - exactly what you don't want when playing powerchords through a hot amp. The menus and options can appear a little daunting at first, but once you scroll through everything it becomes quite intuitive and logical.  

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

No idea! Never had to contact them.


I bought mine used, and it's always worked flawlessly. It's very ruggedly built, and with normal use I can't conceive of any problems occuring. The large LED screen is the only part that could easily suffer damage, but it is somewhat protected by the design of the box. If you check out the photo you'll see that the screen is countersunk into the pedal, with metal humps on either side to help deflect anything from impacting the screen.   

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