Fractal Audio Axe Fx Standard

Price Paid: 
1300 Euro

The Axe Fx is a powerful digital multi Fx and amp simulator bundled in a 2U rack.

All effects and sims are made by software using powerful algorithms.

The unit is top quality and very transparent.

Ease of Use: 
  • A lot of effects and sims, constantly improved by the main designer (by free software update). A lot of things are suggested by the forum members.
  • Very powerful and quality A/D and D/A converters
  • A ton of controls (much more than on a simple amp or effect). You can virtually create from a model of effect or amp something that doesn't exist on the market.
  • in a preset you can chain several sims/effects into a 4x12 matrix: limitation only by the processor (Axe FX ultra is more powerful).
  • Very good interface with midi, many parameters can be midi controlled. For example you can setup a wah with auto engage using a simple volume pedal, but it could be another controler or another parameter, like flanger depth, etc.
  • Dual loop: so you can put effects before your amp input AND in your amp loop at the same time from the same preset.
  • Amp sims are very good to use directly on the computer because what you get actually is the simulation of a recorded amp but if you plan to use it live, you need a relatively neutral power amp with flat response speakers.
  • Not plug and play: there are tons of parameters
  • PC Editor sucks
Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
Customer Support: 

I cannot keep up with updates, firmware went from v4.8 to v8.12 in 18 months and there is always something improved or added (new sims).


No problem so far.

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