DLS EchoTap

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Pre-set delay and Tap delay. Stereo output. Separate delay volume controls, shared repeats and tone control.

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5 (easy)

Solid metal contruction, rugged switches. Works in front of the amp or in the loop. Different LED colour depending on mode to avoid confusion. Based on analogue sound, for those vintage lovers, which is particularly apparent in the loop where setting the tone control on full gets you almost back to your original tone, and you get darker from there (this is a personal thing, some may see that as a con). Very quiet. True bypass.


Only works with power supply - supplied, but uses Boss-style pin. 9-13.8v (???).

There is a subtle but audible change in the basic tone when engaging the effect - essentially it becomes a bit softer. Not a change in volume though. Most obvious when playing lead. I actually quite like itm as I only tend to use a widish delay in more melodic solos, so a softer tone isn't a bad thing, but I can see folks not agreeing.

Pre-set tempo isn't analogue, but goes up in 50ms intervals, so if there's a specific tempo you want that isn't a multiple, you have to tap it.

When you tap your tempo, a small noise is produced, which is inaudible in the loop but can be VERY LOUD if in front of the amp and then add gain. Stupid idea.

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Answered queries within 24 hours.


Never had a problem.

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