BBE Two Timer Delay

Price Paid: 
US$90 plus US$18 postage

Analog delay up to 330ms. True bypass. Switchable between two preset delay times.

Ease of Use: 
5 (easy)

It's based on the old Boss DM-2, it's analog and it sounds warm. The ability to switch between two preset delay times is a major drawcard. Set up one for a short slapback delay, and the other to a longer delay for sound effects or solos. The pedal also comes with an AC adaptor (regular 9v AC centre negative style), but it is meant to be plugged into 110v. Can't use it here - the mains power is 240v! But it's good to see an adaptor included for a change. The pedal will also run on a 9v battery.


Unfortunately you can only select independant delay times. It would have been way better to be able to set it up like a "two channel" delay, and have independant control over the repeats and level as well. The maximum delay time of 330ms isn't very long, but that's the price you pay for having an analog delay that is still affordable I guess. Plus, it adds quite a lot of hiss when it's engaged.  

Sound Quality: 
Customer Support: 

Neer dealt with them. Never needed to! I bought mine through eBay from a US seller. Their Australian distributor also sells them on Ebay, for close to three times the price I paid for mine.


Had it for a year, no problems. Apears to be well made and solid as a rock.

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Average: 4 (1 vote)