THD Flexi 50

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50w amp head with the ability to take any octal based power tube. FX loop, master volume circuit can be switched in or out of signal path. Can take any impedence speaker connection. Inbuilt protection allows head to be run without speakers connected without damage.


Ability to use virtually any pre- or power-amp tubes in any combination whatsoever.


Utterly incapable of delivering any useful tones - unless you're after sparkling cleans only. FX loop primitive. Far too much bass at the expense of everything else.  

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It worked for as long as I could tolerate it....

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Never had anything to do with them. If you're located in Australia, you're generally screwed when it comes to customer support for gear manufactured overseas anyway.


This was the most annoying amp I have ever owned. The THD website and literature touts this amp as the ultimate 50w tube beast, the most awesome natural overdrive monster, the most flexible. There's not a single usefull overdriven sound to be had from this lemon. I tried it with an incredible array of tubes in both the pre-amp and power-amp sections, and couldn't get anything happening that I enjoyed. It does spanky cleans quite well, if that's your bag. It ain't mine! The overdriven tones (where this amp is supposed to excell) were all wooly, weak and unmusical. I cannot imagine where they created all those wonderful tones they have as samples on the THD website - they sure as heck don't dwell within this turkey of an amp! I thoroughly dis-recommend this amp to all dinos. I don't usually like to give such a comprehensively bad wrap to a piece of gear, but this amp deserves to be shunned.

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