Thin Lizzy - UK Tour 75

Thin Lizzy
Stand out moments: 
Fighting, Wild One, Still in Love with You

There was a good deal of press for the recent Lizzy Live album, Still Dangerous: Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977 that was released featuring what was largely the same set as the classic, Live and Dangerous album.  Any Lizzy fan, rightfully has those songs permanantly etched into their brain. A new release of a similar set, while fine, doesn't excite me much.  OTOH, UK Tour 75 finds the band on the Fighting tour, kicking holy ass! Imagine  that. A great live Lizzy album that doesn't contain Boys Are Back in Town, or anything from Johhny the Fox, Jailbreak, or Bad Reputation!  Very refreshing.  Further, it's great to hear that great earlier material played live and loud, and not hindered by the poor production that plagued the studio albums.

Tracklist: Fighting, It's Only Money, Wild One,  For Those who Love to Live, Still in Love With You, Showdown, Suicide, Rosalie, The Rocker, Sha La La, Baby Drives Me Crazy, Me and the Boys, Cowboy song (early incarnation), Little Darlin, Soundcheck.

The production is pretty good. Better than a bootleg. The performance wasn't cleaned up like L&D, so there's the odd duff note. You still get the throw-away tracks, Baby Drives Me Crazy, Me and the Boys, but all in all, this is a very welcome release, and I enjoy it each time I hear it

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