Mind Key - Pulse For a Graveheart

Mind Key
5 (excellent)
Stand out moments: 
Sunset Highway, Citizen of Greed, Graveheart, Now Until Forever (best instrumental section).

Mind Key are an Italian Prog/Power Metal band, whos most obvious influence is early Dream Theater.
Songs vary from 4-9 minutes (plus mellow interlude), and generally contain the obligatory instrumental workout in the middle.
Musicianship is good; drummer is technically very adept (lots of double bass and off-beat rhythms), bass player is solid, keyboardist is swift, skilled, and likes his hammond sound, and guitarist has a nice metal crunch, does the rhythm and unison stuff well, and has decent soloing chops. Denis Ward produces, and he's pretty good.
What makes this band stand out is the vocalist: Jorn Lande has a rival. You'd almost think it was Jorn, in fact. Wide vocal range, nice rasp, powerful...excellent.
It's not flawless - English clearly isn't the lyricist's first language (although the vocalist does pretty well with the accent too), it does get a bit cliche'd in places (piano intro followed by rock build; seems a staple beginning on most power metal albums these days), the guitarist is good but no Petrucci and not 100% sold on his lead sound - too mellow - and some of the melodies could be better, but overall a solid album, and fans of early DT, Vanden Plas and the like should like this a lot.

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