Michael Schenker Group - M.S.G.

Michael Schenker Group
5 (excellent)
Stand out moments: 
The whole album, but if you insist : "On and On", "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", "But I Want More"

This, the second Michael Schenker Group album, portrays a band that got over the unevenness of their debut and reached maturity together. The songs here are overall more aggressive, often bitter (see "I Want More", arguably the best song here). There is lighter fare ("Are You Ready To Rock", "Looking For Love") as well as epic cuts (the pristine "On and On" and equally excellent "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"). But the sense of melancholy and...well, resignation seems to pop up here more often than not. One wonders whether this was at least in part due to the problems the band had with the producer, Ron Nevison.

The guitar playing is as outstanding as one could expect, given Michael Schenker's reputation. The album's only possible weak link, "Looking For Love" has a completely redeeming outro guitar solo, one that will most certainly have you reaching for your rewind button. The solos are often brilliantly melodic; in the whole of rock/heavy metal lead guitar there is rarely such impassioned, memorable phrasing as on here. in fact, this album could be considered an education in effective lead guitar phrasing. There's alot of drama as well: the outros of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and But I Want More are literally goosebump raising.

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