Pat Travers - Stick with what you know - Live In Europe

Pat Travers
5 (excellent)
5 (excellent)
Stand out moments: 
I Don't Care, Heat In The Street, Born Under a Bad Sign

First off, this album is a very Hard Rock sounding live album!

Pat lost his way in a bit for us dinos with all the blues stuff he did, but returned to the ROCK with his cover cd's and his last original "PT=MC2" album. I'm glad to say he continued this vibe on the 2007 tour he did. He still does some blues stuff but rocks it up quite a bit. Back to the CD. I saw the tour in 2007 and this live cd sounds as tight and full as it did back then. He had a killer band that was tight as hell and it shows on the record. The groove, the breaks are jaw dropping and his vocals sound raw and fresh! But most importantly, the solos,  flangers, choruses, everything you'd want of a great Pat Travers album are all here! Is it a classic = no. Is it innovating = no. Does it ROCK! = YES! Like he says in his new song "I don't care": "I'm just gonna play my guitar!!!" And thank God he does! 

The Tracks : 

1. Life In London
2. Crash And Burn
3. I Don't Care
4. Heat In The Street
5. Elijah
6. Red House
7. If I Had Progression Over Judgement Day
8. Oh Pretty Woman
9. PT Nutz
10. Snortin' Whiskey
11. Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
12. PT's Solo Time
13. Born Under A Bad Sign

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