Teese RMC3 Wah Wah

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$255.00 U.S.

Mr. Geoffrey Teese makes many different Wah Wah pedals and the RMC3 is easily the most versatile of the lot. While all adjustments are internal, the number of possible Wah Wah tones / types are almost limitless. The RMC3 can become any Wah Wah pedal ever produced, (Geoffrey can provide the settings for early Italian, British, or American manufactured Wahs, Vox V-846, Colorsound, U.S. Thomas Organ, early Clyde McCoy Picture Wah, Dallas Arbiter, etc.). The manual provides the settings for perfect reproductions of the wah tones of Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, and many more. The RMC3, like all of Geoffreys pedals, are both True Bypass and Fuzz friendly, (high gain doesn't freak them out).

Control options within the RMC3 include 9 dip switches that can be combined in any configuration and used in any amount to create different sweep ranges. Not just width and high or low  frequency sweep. You can choose the prominence of the different frequencies in the sweep.

 After making your selection on the dip switches you can then adjust the level of the bass and mids to further sculpt the voice your going for.

Next up is the Q control. You can select exactly where the "sweet spot" occurs in the Wah sweep. Do you want the "sweet spot" to occur at the high end ala' Jimi or in the lower middle like SRV or near the dark end of the sweep like the old Thomas Organ wahs.

Now you adjust your output volume. I prefer my own to be equal to the volume in the off position, but, you can select anything from a strong volume drop to a huge volume increase when the pedal is engaged.

You still have the fine tuners to mess with. These puppies take the dip switch selections and allow you to fine tune the high and low end to exactly what your going for.

I dare anyone to find a more versatile or better built Wah Wah pedal. Geoffrey is easily the the supreme master of Wah builds


Ease of Use: 

Killer constuction. Proprietary components. Unlimited voicings. And most importantly, Geoffrey Teese himself.


When you first receive your RMC3 you have to spend some time experimenting to find your own personal perfect Wah tone. This can take from one or two hours to many days. This is really only a "Con" if your one of those folks who want everything on a silver platter. Someone who doesn't want to work for it. But wait. If you know what your going for and don't want to spend a lot of time looking for it you can e-mail Geoffrey and he will provide whatever help you need to "get there".

Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
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As stated above, Geoffrey is most definately there for you and he strongly cares about your satisfaction. When I sent my RMC3 to him he made it perfect the same day it was delivered to him and then mailed it out that same afternoon. Turn around time was fantastic. On top of that, when I got my pedal back and opened the box I found he had placed cash in the amount of my send postage under the pedal. Unreal. This guy's a diamond.


In all honesty, (and this is a very rare occurrence), my RMC3 had a problem with creating a low volume crackle when in any position other than toe down when engaged. I contacted Geoffrey and told him about the problem. He requested I send it to him and in less than a week I had it back in perfect condition with all noise removed. Perfect.

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