Molecular Heniosity - Derek Sherinian

Derek Sherinian
Stand out moments: 
Primal Eleven, Frozen by Fire (apart from the fade-out!)

We all know Derek Sherinian: probably the most Dino ivory tinkler out there. He has several solo CD’s, with various Dino’s guesting. This time he’s used some less well known names, plus Zakk Wylde.

Antarctica, Ascension and Primal Eleven are a trilogy written with Virgil Donati. First, a mid-tempo jazz-influenced song (reminds me of Guthrie Govan), with a bit of a swing. Heavy, but not metal. Complex shapes in places, soaring melodic passages, and great guitar from Brett Garsed. An atmospheric interval with some Steve Vai-ish guitar leads into a more straight ahead rock finale, still quite jazzy, good stuff.

Wings of Insanity introduces Zakk, and Brian Tichy on drums. Fast and  HEAVY. The theme is based around Zakk’s low string squeals! Loads of wah on the tune. Unfortunately Zakk's limitations are showed up - he can't quite play fast enough! Part Sabbath, part Mesuggah.

Frozen by Fire brings in Rusty Cooley. Yngwie-esque intro, also reminds me of Dream Theater. Mid-tempo to start, some great sweep arpeggios, dramatic keys, double-time sections – like it!

The Lone Spaniard is another interlude, piano, keys and cello. Instead of Yngwie (who was busy) Taka Minamono on lead. 

Molecular Intro and Molecular Heniosity run together. First, dramatic deep keys and guitar flurries (Taka again) into a VERY heavy song (Meshuggah again) with pseudo-Yngwie all over, plus obligatory keys/guitar trade-off. Some complex double bass patterns here, and how deep can a piano go?

So Far Gone is the only vocal track. Zakk again. Moody number with cello and keys, quite haunting (church bell in the distance, of course!), reasonable attempt at vocals from Zakk, doomy chorus, building to frantic instrumental section, before back to Doom and plod. Pretty good actually.

I love parts of Black Utopia and Mythology, but never warmed to Blood of the Snake. This is definitely an improvement, and I haven’t got bored of it yet. Worth a listen.

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