T-Rex Reptile Delay

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Reptile is a sophisticated and sturdy pedal designed to simulate analog and tape delay effects. This unit provides longer delay times (up to 1 second) than T-Rex replica.

Missing Replica's tap and MIDI functions, Reptile has modulation in substitute.

This pedal has a Variable input gain with clip LED for variety of input levels.

Straight and delayed signal levels are controlled separately. Apart from delay time and repeats rate, you'll also find a flutter section with depth and speed dials.

In delay mode, flutter controls produce tape-delay flutter simulation with the depth control rolled up. Modulation switch increases the depth for more extreme modulation effects. Separate LEDs also show the delay and modulation status. Flutter affects delayed signal only.

Some of the pedals I compared during my search were as follows. Please note, these are my views only and YMMV.
Maxon AD9 Pro - Sound and features were no comparison for my taste. Maxon wasn't much cheaper than Reptile either.

Diamond Memory Lane - Running this unit with 24V DC for me was too much trouble. Given that it appeared excessively unclear to my ears, I opted out. Regeneration was interesting but. . . .  I expected little more crispness especially with clean sounds. Like Maxon, I thought it sounded best with shortest delays.

MXR Carbon Copy - Analog unit that produces 600ms delay. Like Diamond, not as crisp as expected. Would've been nice if the modulation was foot controlled. Carbon Copy provides a mix control instead of a separate volume control for dry and delayed sounds. Width and speed of modulation are tweaked internally.

EH Deluxe Memory Man - Now we're talking. This was impressive but in my market more than double the cost of T.Rex. Tap tempo, chorus and  vibrato. Like Reptile, there is an input gain control which can be be used as a preamp. Sounds sweet and provides delays up to 550ms.

Ease of Use: 
5 (easy)
  • Excellent sound quality for what its meant to achieve.
  • Variable input gain.
  • Plenty of control for the mix and modulation.
  • Great analog and tape delay simulation without the analog flaws.
  • Ease of use.

Check it out!


Now here's one from the malcontent. Since the unit has digital capability, why not have the ability to switch into straight digital mode as well. But seriously, I can't praise this little unit enough. It does a perfect job with what its meant to do, simulate tape and analog delays. 

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5 (excellent)
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On the one occasion that I had to contact duistributor, they were very helpful.


No issues experienced.

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