Enforcer - Into the Night

Stand out moments: 
On the Loose, City Lights, Scream of the Savage

You are one of those who wish it still was 1981 and NWOBHM was on the rise? Well, now you can go there… almost. The new Swedish act Enforcer capture the feel of the old British bands like early Iron Maiden and Saxon really well. If someone would have told me that this record was made in 1981 I would absolutely believe it. Everything from the cover (though it is obvious made in a computer), their look, production and overall feel of their music is so classic NWOBHM as it gets. That the backside of the booklet says POWER SPEED DEATH doesn’t kill the vibe either, rather the reverse. Very vintage and authentic.

The first four songs Black Angel, Mistress from Hell, Into the Night and Speed Queen sets the standard for this album. Its aggression and anger and you feel it. I don’t want to do nothing else but banging my head. After that I complete discharge of energy more of a riff- and blues-based songs come on, still very metal and aggressive I should add! It is called On the Loose and I would say that Olof does his best performance as a singer in this song.
Then the highlight of the album comes on. Here you can really hear the Iron Maiden-influence. The instrumental City Lights. Really dig it! After that the album closes as it started. Scream of the Savage, Curse the Light and Evil Attacker are some mighty fine songs if you are in mood to dust your air-guitar off and do some headbanging.

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