Blindstone - Freedom's Calling

5 (excellent)
Stand out moments: 
Good Time - Man, these guys know how to riff!!

Who knew Denmark was hiding such nice little gems! This trio Blindstone feature guitarist and singer Martin J. Andersen, bass player Jesper Bunk and Swedish drummer Anders Hvidfeldt. Freedom Calling is the follow up to the killer debut Manifesto.

Manifesto knocked me off my feet with its heavy, blues based, groove oriented riff-rock and slightly funkish overtones. From the opening, title track, a detuned, mean riff hits you straight in the solar plexus and instantly sets the tone for the new album. The album actually closes with a cool, bluesy and soft version of the same track, with the Hendrixy title Freedom’s Calling (Slight Return).

The second track, Can’t Be With You shows a more Hendrix-oriented blues rock with a touch of Frank Marino. Here Martin does something I miss in today’s music, he plays lead guitar all through the song, going on and off with the vocals, in every little crevice. This works because he is a guitarist with something to say, and he knows how to find the sweet notes with a wah wah. It’s especially effective in songs like Good Time and She’s So Pretty.  These songs really appeal to me. It’s impossible to sit still to these brutal blues grooves and a big dose of funk. This sounds a bit like a marriage between Lenny Kravitz and Gov’t Mule

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