Eden's Curse - The Second Coming

Eden's Curse
5 (excellent)
5 (excellent)
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Masquerade Ball, Angels & Demons (with Pamela Moore), Lost in Wonderland.

Eden’s Curse is a fairly new band (2007), with an international memnership (US, Scotland, England, Germany...). Their first CD, recorded via Fed/Ex, is a decent rock/metal album with a few hints of Dream Theater-ish prog. Wasn’t fully sold on the vocalist or the songwriting, but good players.
This is their second CD, and it’s actually very good. The vocalist is kind of from the Vince Neil school of singers, although he has a far higher range, and there’s also a Tony Hartnell influence there. The guitarist clearly likes Yngwie. Fast runs, harmonic minors etc, but also some squeals, triplets and the like (a bit of George Lynch maybe?), so European guitarist with some US-isms. Good player.  We also have keyboard solos and a good drummer.

The songs; what we have is a melodic rock/metal album. Some dropped tunings, double bass drums, some cool guitar riffs (very 80s rock in places), a nice variety of tempos including a ballad or two, and big harmonies. And enough of the choruses are tuneful and hummable to give the record a commercial element. Doogie White, David Readman and Tony Hartnell sang backing vocals, which should give you an idea as to the quality of the choruses. 

Dennis Ward produces, and Pamela Moore (Mindcrime's Sister Mary) makes a guest appearance on one track.  I’d put this album in a similar category to the Allen/Lande stuff – not quite as heavy and a bit more mainstream; which might turn off some people, but I’m always a sucker for a good chorus.

Worth a listen: http://www.melodicrock.com/artistoftheweek/edenscurse.html

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