Black Knight: The Ritchie Blackmore Story

Jerry Bloom
Ritchie Blackmore

Black Knight is the autobiography of Ritchie Blackmore written by Jerry Bloom, to get things straight if people are looking into things about his amps, guitars and playing it isn't really the book for you.

This is for the Blackmore fans who want to know a bit about what was going on off-stage. There are many interviews from people who have played with Ritchie and not many from the man himself. It talks about the off-stage activities, such as Ritchie's dark sense of humor, pranks and his relationships with other people, and will go through the years and what he was doing at the time.

This book was quite entertaining and funny. Though it would of even better if we get a biography from Ritchie himself; we know he's the kind of guy who keeps to himself. So if you're a die hard Blackmore fan it's definitley something that you should enjoy, a lot of the stuff you may know already, but this book did show Ritchie in a new light and bring him back down to earth, starting from when he was a child growinng up to his now current band Blackmore's Night, It's definitely a book you can read more than once.

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