Bonham - Disreard of Timekeeping

Stand out moments: 
Wait For You, Guilty, Dreams, Playin' to Win, Cross Me And See and Just Another Day

Big shoes to fill when you realize that this is John Bonham's son Jason's band.  This came out in 1989 and it is a nice cross between '80s rock and Zeppelin.  Jason has his father's drumming abilities and he assembled a great cast for this band. 

The guitars are there with some very nice leads and riffs from Ian Hatton.  Ian Hatton was definitely brought up on Page, but he incorporates newer '80's styles. So while he is derivative, he still has his own style.  The songs have the big Zep riffs, but the solos are all Ian.

Vocals courtesy of the late Daniel McMaster are reminiscent of Plant on some songs, but he is a very strong singer that has his own voice as well.  Infuses these songs with plenty of emotion.

The song writing is strong and this cd holds up very well form the late '80's with production by Bob Ezrin.  It is in regular rotation in my CD player at both work and home.  In fact, I would give this a strong 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 
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