Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack

Michael Schenker Group
5 (excellent)
5 (excellent)
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Assault Attack, Samurai, Dancer, Ulcer
After two albums with singer Gary Barden  and a classic live album, MSGs line-up splintered. With Graham Bonnet replacing Gary Barden, MSG set out to record their masterpiece: Assault Attack. Thanks to Martin Birch’s ace production, this is probably the best sounding album in Schenker’s entire body of work. It sounds full, warm and punchy. This may well be both Schenker and Bonnet’s shining moment! So, is there nothing to fault on this album? Hardly, but since you insist…The drumming is pretty inconspicuous. McKenna does a very good job at laying down a solid rhythm, and there is of course the odd fill, but overall this album would probably have benefited from having someone like Cozy Powell on there.
Don’t expect endless solos that go on for minutes on end. Every lead part is a concise statement of intent, delivered flawlessly. Bonnet has a voice you either love or hate, so he could be a dealbreaker. This album merits a solid VVVVV, even with my remarks taken into account. This is one of those rare albums that’s actually off the scale, in a league all its own.
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