Brown Tone - What is it?

This is really subjective too. So right? Wrong? I don't know.  WHAT FOLLOWS IS OPINION

I always think of that jar of brown gunk on the Rhythmeen cover. I describe that stuff as: Thick, brown, and nasty.  Thick and nasty are probably the best adjectives. Like fat is an adjective for tone. And to me brown is like fat, but brown is nastier, dirtier.  SRV had fat tone, but it was rather clean and bell-like -- never nasty like Gibbons'.

When I say brown, I'm talking about the character of the sound in terms of frequency response --  how the sound is EQed in terms of bass mids and treble. The amount of gain used can vary.

Frequency wise, I hear brown mostly characterized by a lot of midrange. Enough bite up top, but not overly trebley.  Kind of the opposite of a scooped mid sound. Orange's and Bogner's produce inherrantly browner sound than Marshalls, but that doesn't mean you can't get brown from a Marshall. Obviously you can.

In my opinion, Ed's early sound was brown -- just not very brown by my def (his definition was different)
Gary Moore's Corridors/Victims era sound is browner.
Leslie West's classic tone is browner than Gary's.
Gibbons' is browner than West's.

Guitarists whose sounds that I don't think of as particularly brown:
Schenker -- in fact, no Neo-classical players I can think of embrace brown.
The guys in Priest and Maiden