Stars 2005 (Here N Old)


20 years since the original was released, this song was ripe for a remake and a lampoon. And who better to re-make this monumental metal moment than the members of the Dinosaur Rock Guitar forum! I thought John Walker was going to lose his mind if he had to work on this track much longer. But it came out great, so play it LOUD. Enjoy!

Download from DRG (9MB)


Written by: Jimmy Bain, Vivian Campbell, and Ronnie James Dio

Lyrics: Dinoized by Dinosaur David B.

Produced and engineered by: Mayor McCheese

Lead, and background vocals:Queen of the Dinos

Rhythm guitar, bass, synth, drums, backing vocals: Mayor McCheese

Chorus harmony guitars: Sancho & Stevil

Sobs, whines, etc: Dinosaur David B. & Joebuddha (The Whinos)


Guitar Solos:

Player Solo occurs Recorded with
Chubtone 2:28 - 2:56 Suhr Standard into a TS-9 into a Mojave Peacemaker 100w and mic'd it w/ an SM-57.
Yngwie666 2:56 - 3:23 Jackson SL1 through a Diezel VH4 amp, an SM57 on a Diezel 2x12" cab, into a Berhinger mixer.
Otcconan 3:23 - 3:51 Fender Powerhouse Strat into a Boss Metal Zone, a Boss graphic EQ with a little bit of scooping, to my Laney solid state combo, miced with a SM-58 copy into my 4-track.
Nobby 3:51 - 4:18 American Fat Strat with a SD Hotrail in the neck and a SD JB in the bridge plugged into YJM DOD 308 OD pedal into 30 watt FX Marshall, into PC.
Stevil 4:18 - 4:46 Les Paul Standard packed with 2 EMG 81s, into POD 2.0 (doubled tracked).
Andy Gavin 4:46 - 5:13 ESP MII Deluxe through a Marshall JMP1.
Whoopass 5:13 - 5:41 Stock 99 USA Goldtop Peavey Wolfgang Special into POD XT on the "Marshall JCM 800" setting and one of the Marshall 4x12 "Greenback" speaker settings. Keeley Modded Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive as a boost.
Dinosaur David B 5:41 - 6:08 54 Les Paul into Joebuddha's POD 2.0, into PC.
Sancho 6:08 - 6:36 Carvin DC200 with a Super Distortion through a POD 2.0.
Joebuddha 6:36 - 7:03 Blue PRS Custom22 with Tom Holmes pickups — I think through POD 2.0 — it may have been a Boogie Studio 22 combo.
Stark 7:03 - 7:31 Stock Gibson Les Paul Studio 2001 into POD XT, straight into the computer. Jim Dunlop Cry baby and a Tube Screamer modded by AnalogMan.
Mayor McCheese 7:31 - 8:07

Lead was Les Paul Custom into POD 2.0, modern high gain model, no effects, no reverb. The guitar has a Custom 5 in it.

Rhythm guitar: Les Paul Classic into POD 2.0, preset 5A, no effects, no reverb. I doubled that right and left. The guitar has a JB in it.

Bass was DI'd and I used NI's Guitar Rig plug in on that. Used my boss's Rick 4001.

Drums were played on a Hart Prodigy kit and recorded as MIDI, then spit back out to my XP-30 keyboard. The strings were also the XP-30.

Hear 'N Aid 1985

The story, as told by Tapio's Ronnie James Dio pages . . .

The original project's idea originally came up when Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell were at some radio station in Los Angeles, USA. They introduced the idea to Ronnie James Dio, who became interested in it too. They wrote a song called Stars together and invited a number of heavy metal artists to participate it.

On May 20th and 21st, 1985, about 40 artists from various heavy metal bands got together at A&M Records Studios to record a song called Stars. The basic track was already laid down at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, USA, by Dio and Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot.

All the income was donated to relieve famine in Africa and elsewhere in the world, and by mid 1987 the project had made $1,000,000.