Head Version

For the experienced Dino, there is a REAL MARKET for this amp as a head, and frankly, that market isn't younger guys looking for their first amp -- which is invariably a combo -- usually solid state or a DMA like your Vox. Guys like us older Dinos already have our cabs. We don't need another combo. We don't need to pay extra for another speaker, and we don't need to lug the extra weight of a combo. Easy portability is highly desirable -- even if it's just moving it from one part of your apartment to another.

The head weighs 12 lbs and comes with a gig bag for portability. Throw it over your shoulder and go, but beware of the Tiny Terror's gig bag's shoulder strap. Mine let loose from both ends tonight when both of the metal D rings attached to the bag opened in the middle. No harm was done, but it's sure a shit inconvenient carrying it and other gear without the strap. To fix it, I had to crimp the D rings so that the ends overlapped each other. Ugly but effective (so far). The better fix is to get a couple of those devices used to fix links in a chain – it’s basically a chain link with an opening that screws shut.

For those of you without cabs, Orange makes a sweet little closed back 1x12

  • Speakers 1 X Celestion Vintage '30 - 12"
  • Construction 18 Ply Birch Faced Marine Plywood Shell
  • Dimensions 21.5in wide x 11.25in deep x 17.75in tall
  • Gross Weight 35 lbs
  • Ohms Rating 16 Ohms
  • $349