As Your Last Tube Amp - Maybe

Unless you've made it in the music biz, and you're out on tour playing to large crowds, the Orange Tiny Terror could easily be the last amp you ever need.

See if this sounds familiar:

  • You're in your late 30s or older.
  • You don't have any illusions left about becomming a rockstar, but you still love to play guitar, and you still want all the joys of tube tone.
  • Your playing consists of occasional gigs, jams, bedroom wanking, and home recording.
  • You (and your aging back) no longer enjoy toting heavy gear around when you want to play out -- or even when you have to move gear in your home.
  • You need enough volume to hang with other musicians and get the job done in a gig or rehearsal, but not enough to drive a football stadium without the PA.
  • You want the sound, but you don't care about the image of having a big rig behind you.
  • You want the sound, but you want it a bedroom volume so you don't disturb others -- but you also want it to scream for recording, or for when you DO want to disturb others.

Sure, you might want to have more amps because having amps with other tones and abilities is cool. But the Orange Tiny Terror does a lot for the aging non-pro Dino, and could easily be the last amp you truly need.