As Your First Tube Amp

The Orange Tiny Terror plus a 1x12 cab is a GREAT, first Dino tube rig for around $900, for the player who's willing to pay a little more now to get a far better long-term ROI. Unlike most DMAs, this kind of rig is a good long-term investment. You'll never outgrow it tonally. And even if you find you need something like a half-stack for gigging later (which is increasing less likely unless you're a professional, working musician), this will always be a great, small, portable rig, recording rig, and apartment rig. And you'll pretty much always have the room to keep it. It infact, takes up less space than most 1x12 combos.

I started on bass, but my first guitar amp was a 71 Superlead 100 (with an attenuator mod). Why? Cause I had an older, very experienced guy keeping me from making too many typical beginner mistakes. As such, I've always felt some obligation to try and do a similar service for any younger players who are willing to listen.

So to all of you younger players, I say to you: Look at us older guys. We were where you guys are now. Unless we're touring, this is the kind of rig we're going to at this stage in our playing careers. You will likely be where we are eventually. Connect the dots. This is the kind of rig you can have (and may very well want) in addition to a larger rig.

So instead of a Line 6 combo or similar, if your first or second amp is something like the Tiny Terror, even when you move on to bigger rigs, this is a piece of gear that you'll probably always have good reasons to keep. You'll always have room for this head wherever you live, and it will always serve more of your needs than a big rig will. And trust me, you'll love the portability as you get older. You simply won't be able to say the same things about that first solid state combo almost all of us had to own at some point. Once you outgrow that that cheap combo's bad tone, you invariably flip it. For a loss.

So it's a no-brainer to me, but the choice is yours. As they say, you can lead a horse to water . . .

It all depends on the kind of playing you anticipate doing. I don't think you can really go wrong with having a TT -- whether you eventually get something in addition to it or not. There are just too many great uses for it. And as you're not in a band yet, I think the TT could take you a real long way before you need something more. And in that time, you'll be getting great British tube tone -- a sound which you will NOT outgrow. But if and when you start playing regularly in a band where the playing gets real loud, there's a chance you could need more wattage in those situations, but even that's not a sure thing (you may not be practicing or gigging in places where you can crank 50-100 watts at full volume).